"We established Kumar Battery House in the year 2000 to provide optimal service to customers seeking vehicle repairs without the inconvenience of sourcing various parts themselves. Our journey began with the aggregation of a diverse range of automotive components from multiple brands, all conveniently available in one place. We continue to offer our valued clients a welcoming and informative atmosphere, where they can peruse a wide selection of auto parts. Just inform us of your requirements, and we'll be delighted to offer our assistance. As a prominent online battery distributor for all major brands, Ambe Battery House holds the designation of an authorized dealer for Amaron Car Batteries. With its unrivaled power and exceptional quality, Amaron Car Batteries have consistently proven to be the most prudent choice for Indian roads. They have set a benchmark in the realm of automotive batteries, embodying the spirit of progress and catering to a new generation that aspires to achieve their dreams and successes at supersonic speed. Our core philosophy revolves around consistently keeping you ahead. Ambe Battery House, an authorized dealer for Car & Inverter Batteries, has been a fixture in Gurugram since 1997, boasting over 21 years of experience and expertise in batteries and automatic power supply. We stand out as a prominent large-scale battery trader and dealer in the region. We are authorized resellers for a variety of trusted brands, including Exide, Luminous, Amara Raja, HBL Power, Su-Kam Power, Okaya Power, Base, Southern Batteries, and True Power."

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